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Watch Service & Repair   

Watch Repair
I provide watch service and repair to the trade and direct to the New Zealand public.
With 40 years of experience in providing quality service you can be assured your watch is in the best hands.
I offer you watch repairs on most quality watches older than 40 years.
Here are some of the watches I have repaired.

Complete watch service

  • Complete dismantling.

  • Replacement or repair of worn or broken movement parts.

  • Cleaning and adjustment of the movement.

  • Replacement of the crown, gasket and the crystal if necessary.

  • Polishing, graining and cleaning of the watch case and bracelet.

  • Pressure testing of water-resistant watches.

All repairs are guaranteed for a period of one year against faulty workmanship.
The guarantee is limited to the correction of service or timing issues.
It does not cover parts not replaced, damage to the crystal, crown,
case or bracelet.

The warranty is null and void when there is evidence of neglect, misuse or rust*.

*non water-resistant watches



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